Drinks, Pitches & Demo’s- High Tech Plaza (Nextview Design Thinking Center)

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High Tech Campus 27

High Tech Campus 27 · Eindhoven

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The event will take place in the offices of Nextview Design Thinking Center

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Drinks, Pitches & Demos is an energetic gathering for start-ups, innovators and inspired professionals. It is the perfect knowledge-sharing platform to advertise your new project, to stay informed on breakthrough technologies, ask for help if you're stuck on a problem and to meet people in our innovation ecosystem! It's also great event if you're new to Eindhoven and would like to make connections.

On September 4th, Nextview Design Thinkingn Center is hosting the event at the High Tech Plaza (HTC 27), High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

Would you like to share something on our podium? Sign up on time and reserve your spot. Email: [masked].