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First contact by Andreas Heigl & DWD software platform by Martin Schimmel

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Thursday, February 21st, we organise our next Developer Meetup in Deventer with two speakers who will tell about:
- The first contact - How to handle Contact-forms by Andreas Heigl
- The softwareplatform at Drukwerkdeal.nl by Martin Schimmel

6:30 pm Walk in; get to know Drukwerkdeal.nl and have a drink!
7:00 pm Stew buffet will be delivered
7:30 pm Opening: short presentation DWD
7:35 pm Andreas Heigl
8:15 pm Break
8:30 pm Martin Schimmel
9:30 pm Drinks and socializing!
10:30 pm Closure

Drukwerkdeal.nl, Keulenstraat 4 Deventer


Andreas Heigl - The first contact
Andreas helps solving problems at a german corporate publishing company. He sometimes even uses code for that. Besides his family, his work as jack-of-all-trades and contributions to different open-source-projects he still finds the time to run PHPUGFFM, the PHP-Usergroup in Frankfurt/Main and maintain PHP.ug and Zend\Ldap .

So you did a great job with your website and now your customers want to get into contact with you. They actually want give you their holy grail and apply for a login. And that's where it usually starts to go south. So many things can go wrong with a registration form that your customer doesn't really feel welcome or safe. In this session we will debug a few real-life examples from a user-experience Point of View. By analysing that we will find ways to make the first contact of a user with our application a better experience. And you don't need to be a coder to see why and how to improve your next registration form.

Martin Schimmel - Drukwerkdeal.nl platform
Martin has been a php developer for about 15 years now. He has been working for Drukwerkdeal for 5 years, and is mainly responsible for back-end logistics processes. PHP is his comfort zone, but he likes to do front-end as well, and tries to keep up to date in the ever changing javascript world as best he can. He is also passionate about electric cars, space, and likes to tinker with elektronics.

Martin is going to talk about the software platform at Drukwerkdeal in it's current state, and how it has developed over the past five years. He will give some insights in Drukwerkdeal's journey as they move from a legacy monolith to a services oriented achitecture. There will also be a sneak peak into the future. It will be a general talk about our developments in PHP, Amazon web services, moving to (micro)services and Continuous Integration/deployment, and something called ABC.