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This group and meetings are dedicated to sharing experience about Microsoft Azure. We will meet regularly to share knowledge about subjects around Azure.

The format is not fixed: we do hands-on workshops, Open Spaces, "hackathons" and presentations. We want to talk about deep technical details, real world experiences and best practices.

This group is intended for everyone interested in using the Microsoft Azure platform.

Our meetups are in English.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NLAzureMeetup

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Hands-on: building a resilient workflow with Azure Durable Functions

Marc Duiker, awarded as Microsoft MVP and working for Xpirit will tell us everything about Azure Durable Functions. If you want to learn Durable Functions, join this meetup and learn from the expert in this field. We believe you learn best by doing. So bring your laptop to do it yourself. To give you an insight in the hands-on part: Congratulations! Today is your first job as a software engineer at XASA, the Xpirit Aeronautics and Space Administration. You are responsible for creating a system which reacts to detected Near-Earth Objects (NEOs). A satellite is continuously scanning the skies for these NEOs. The satellite transmits its findings to ground stations which in turn send the data to Azure. It's your job to ensure the incoming data is stored, analyzed to assess the risk, and to notify the required organizations of this risk and possible counter-measures (think of Armageddon).

Building IoT solutions using Azure IoT Edge

Info Support B.V.

Edwin van Wijk working at InfoSupport about IoT Edge. More details coming soon.


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