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Meet-up JavaScript en APEX
On October 25th a new meetup will be organised: Alan Arentsen, Oracle ACE: Introduction to JavaScript Alan Arentsen is a Oracle APEX developer with a broad spectrum of experience. He can do anything: installation, writing PL/SQL procedures and develop APEX applications. Since 1998 Alan has been developing applications in Java, C++ and several scripting tools. From the moment he learned about APEX, his enthousiasm of the RAD kept growing. His focus today is also on Oracle JET. He has presented at many meetings, such as, DOAG, APEX World, KScope, SIOUG, HrOUG, Open World, OUGN, AMIS 25 BEYOND THE HORIZON, UKOUG Tech, Oracle Code and at Tech Experience. His blog: http://alanarentsen.blogspot.com Menno Hoogendijk, Oracle ACE: Integrating JavaScript in APEX. You can build beautiful applications without using one line of JavaScript. Nevertheless, in practice the application turns out to be a lot less user friendly. It provides interaction with the user. Menno Hoogendijk develops database applications since 2008 and is a certified full-time APEX developer. Past years he gained a lot of experience in the use of APEX and JavaScript. He gladly exchanges this knowledge with the user groups. That is also his largest incentive! It stimulates him most to use new technologies. Menno has done several open source projects and APEX plug-ins. In this session we want to answer these questions: - How do I write better code? - How do I bring structure in the code? - Where do I place the code in APEX? - How do I use the existing JavaScript components in APEX? We are trying to see how to write elegant code and how to use compilers and linters as help with that. For a structured code we divide everyting in modules. Simpler said, we divide the code in several smaller codes which we will later join together. APEX gives a lot of freedom to place JavaScript code on many places. Nevertheless, it is better to place as little code in APEX as needed. In the end we look at the JavaScript components of APEX and how to use these components. Date: 25th of October 2018 Location: Oracle, Utrecht - Hertogswetering[masked] Parking: At "The Wall" P3. Program: 18:00 uur inloop, voor broodjes wordt gezorgd 18:30 uur aanvang programma 20:30 uur borrel en napraten


Hertogswetering 163-167 · Utrecht

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