Figure Skating Event (Photography/Film) in De Uithof - The Hague!

The Dutch Photography & Filmmaking Meetup
The Dutch Photography & Filmmaking Meetup
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De Uithof

· Den Haag

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We will meet together at the Information Desk of De Uithof in Den Haag

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Wat we doen

Figure skating photography in De Uithof in the ice hockey 'dome' on Saturday the 12th of January 2019 (Jaap Edenweg nr. 10 - The Hague).

General Information:

Training starts at 10:30, for the skaters.

The skaters are from the club "IJsFun". Some of them are beginners, some of them more advanced, but they are all worth to watch!

The trainers will let the groups know in advance that there will be photographs made, so that there are no questions about us.

The whole idea is that we have fun making photos, and the good ones we share with the skaters later (after possible editing) with the help of an online gallery or Google drive.

The photos will be shared at the highest quality possible - they might be used for promotion of figure skating in the Netherlands (by the skaters or the clubs). Credit will be given in any case of course! Since there is no money involved or earned this will be on a voluntary basis, but of course this will benefit the photographers as well (portfolio wise).

Please RSVP if you are serious in joining the event so the organizers can calculate the amount of photographers/filmers vs the skaters and so on.

We meet at 10:00 at the information desk in De Uithof. Then we can proceed to the ice hockey hall, where you can choose your preferred location to shoot your pictures. More information will follow in january 2019.

EDIT: Check the adress at forehand how to get there, we added also photo's of the building in the photosection and 1 photo of the information desk so you know where to go.

After the shoot (or when we are thoroughly cold) we can drink a cup of coffee/hot chocolate together at the café of the venue, or have lunch (there is good catering in De Uithof)

For those that RSVP, the organizers are looking forward to meet all of you!

Joris Maas (owner of the Dutch Photography & Filmmaking group) and
Ildíko Wooning, co-organizer of this event (and Ice skating enthousiast!).

--------> Disclaimer (please read this carefully):

This is a privately organized event by Joris and Ildikó, all attendees are responsible for their own health and wellbeing (when it comes to accidents on location and such) and equipment (when equipment gets stolen or damaged, YOU need to make sure you have appropriate insurance for it). We also hope, since the area is public, that all attentees look after eachother when it comes to equipment (i.e. theft by other persons) and we will ofcourse have a small briefing at the start of the event. For more info: please send us a message and we will get back to you.