Model + Theme shoot + Fashion (street)shoot in Brussels - Belgium

The Dutch Photography & Filmmaking Meetup
The Dutch Photography & Filmmaking Meetup
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We will gather up at the entrance of Botanique, for the people that come later or by public transport, we will meet at the right since there is also the metro station Botanique. Since this is an outdoorshoot there is not a studio!

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Dear members of the Dutch Photography & Filmmaking Meetup!

The 2019 fashion/model photography event of the Dutch Photography & Filmmaking Meetup will be at the 18th of august at Botanique in Brussels (instead of june 16th when not enough members could join the event). The locations will be 1. Botanique, 2. Parc of Brussels or 3. another location in Brussels but close to Botanique/ center for those that need to travel back by bus or train to the Netherlands.

Where do we meet and where are you going to?
We will meet around 11.00 am in front of Metro station "Botanique" (you can recognize me by a jeans jacket, I have glasses and I will have a Canon camera around my neck.


We still need some more models at this point due to obligations of the models we did have in mind. We would like to know who of the attendees are photographers/filmers and who will be a mua or model! It would be even better if also some photographers could be model as well if they are experience in it doing so.

It will depend on the space we can use where we can change clothingsets and make up. If we can't find a room for the models to change we will have to improvise, be aware of this please! This is a Meetup group that organizes photography and videography events where most people have also their jobs so this requires a lot of initiative of the participants.

What is the meetup about in Brussels, the capitol of Europe?

The shoot is all about getting experience in shooting on location in another country with models, photographers and videographers. We will make groups with models and photographers (it is important for the models/cos players to have 1 streetstyle set and 1 special piece of clothing so we have some options when it starts raining as a backup plan).

You can travel by carsharing if there are enough members with a car and/or eventually by public transport ( goes directly to Brussels Noord which is almost next to Botanique). Another option is the International train to Brussels (departing from Amsterdam). Please let us know if you are coming by car and if you are willing to share your carspace with other Meetup members!

Check Flixbus fares here:

Attention: It's important to bring a VALID ID when travelling to Belgium. This is your own responsibility. Please make sure your camera equipment is checked and that you bring umbrella's in case there will be rain (you never know right?).

We will gather together around 11 am in front of the Metro station , have a meet and greet since we are a pretty new group of people and a welcoming from the organisation. We start shooting around 12:00pm and finish around 04:00 pm. We can eat or drink something together in the amazing city center of Brussels (only 5 minute walk from Botanique/ Parc de Bruxelles) before we have to be back at the car or bus. We will go back to the Netherlands around 05:[masked]pm so we get back home in time.

Since it's the first international event for our group, we kindly ask everyone to help eachother! There is a mixed group with experienced people and novices and we want to produce some amazing work together.

Running the Meetup group is costly, the admission is 5 euros to cover for all that (yearly subscription, phonecalls, you name it).

If you have questions, just contact me (Joris Maas (owner) at [masked] (phone or whatsapp) / [masked] or the co-organizer Coco (email only: [masked]).

Disclaimer: This photography/filmmaking event is an open event for all members that are interested in meeting other people, shoot with other people so attending this event is AT YOUR OWN RISK! The organisation is non-profit and this event is based on TFP (Time for Pictures). Extra expenses are for you of course, like travel and food expenses. Please check the time tables when coming with public transport.