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Spring Reactive

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I would like to invite you to the third event hosted by the Dutch Spring Meetup! We have two sessions lined up: Riccardo Lippolis and Bas Knopper will talk about Spring 5 Web Reactive, and I (Arjen) will talk about the new Functional Web Framework.


18:00 Registration & Food
18:30 Short Intro
18:35 Reactive Programming with Spring 5 Web Reactive - Riccardo Lippolis and Bas Knopper
19:40 Short break
19:45 New in Spring 5: Functional Web Framework - Arjen Poutsma
20:45 Ending with drinks

Reactive Programming with Spring 5 Web Reactive

These last few years Reactive Programming has found the hearts of a significant amount of developers. The fact that Spring 5 will incorporate the possibility of programming Reactive Systems in its core framework through the Spring Web Reactive project is a very positive development (pun intended) and shows the the paradigm-shift towards declarative programming. A probably familiar phrase in the Reactive Programming context is “Everything is a Stream”. So, what is a Stream? If you’re familiar with Futures, which abstract the delivery of a single value asynchronously in the future, and Iterables, for accessing a sequence of items which have an unknown length, then you can think of a Stream as essentially being a hybrid of the two: a mechanism for asynchronously receiving multiple items. In this session we will give a sneak preview of our upcoming Spring Reactive workshop at JFall 2016. We will start with the basics of Reactive Programming (in a nutshell), after which we will demonstrate some coding examples from the workshop. So let us introduce you to a way of building applications in a declarative way, as opposed to imperatively, resulting in more responsive and resilient applications.

Riccardo is an inquiring and experienced Software Engineer with a passion for solving complex problems. His core competence lies in Java, but he also has experience with other languages, such as Scala and C#. Riccardo strives for quality with a pragmatic approach. He currently works for JDriven, where he shares his passion and drive with other enthusiasts.

Having been a Java developer for several years Bas has found his dream job as Managing Partner of JCore - a company devoted to giving good software engineers the means to become great. A good fit with his passions for development and facilitating growth. In his spare time, after the little ones are fast asleep, he enjoys coding Evolutionary Algorithms, fidgeting with the Twitter API, playing with RxJava and experimenting with (other) latest Java developments.

New in Spring 5: Functional Web Framework In the second milestone of version 5, Spring introduced a new, functional web framework, next to the existing annotation-driven programming model. In this talk, we will discuss this new framework, how it is used, how it compares to the annotation model, and other related topics.

Arjen is a software engineer on the Spring team at Pivotal SpringSource with twenty years' experience in commercial software environments. He worked on Spring Web Services, Spring MVC, Spring Scala and is currently working on Spring 5.

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