Wat we doen

Storytelling is a skill you can use in every part of your life. This Meetup will help you write and tell awesome stories. For your pitch, to up your sales game, or just for fun!

Pitch-e Nerd Night

We love stories, including not-so-work-related stories. The NerdNights are for everyone who has an interesting story and wants to share it with others. So if you have a huge model train collection, or follow NASA’s Curiosity for 3 hours a day, we would love to hear about it!

Pitch-e Pizza Night

Giving awesome elevator pitches is a skill you need to keep training. We help you to write a story that will blow your audience away.These nights are for everyone who wants to improve their pitch story, and test it on other people.

Pitch-e PRO Night

We help you to write a story that will blow potential investors away. On these events a panel of investors will be present to comment on your business idea from their point of view.


For additional info please mail us at info@pitch-e.nl , check our website http://www.pitch-e.nl (http://www.pitch-e.nl/) or leave a comment on the event pages!