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A Workshop to "Listen" to the Scenery

Earwalk (https://kazunekoyama.com/h3/) is a workshop to take a walk together through nature or city centre, while listening to the sound of the place. Organised by Kazune Koyama (https://kazunekoyama.com/).

Sound is everywhere - but have you ever truly listened to the sound around us? What kind of sound are you hearing now? Which is the sound you like and you don't? What kind of sound would you create to put here? Let's set out for a little journey to "listen" to the scenery.

More details: https://kazunekoyama.com/h3/

- - -

Who it is For
Anyone above 4 years old.

For example, those who always use headphones to listen to music, or those who want to explore the area in terms of "sound".

- - -

What it is For
This workshop itself has no purpose. Take care of what you think and feel during the workshop.

- - -

What to Bring
- pen
- rain gear
- camera (if possible)
- recorder (if possible)

- - -

1 You are going to walk outdoors for hours. Please refrain from joining the workshop if you don't feel well. Make sure you wear warm enough in winter or protect yourself against heatstroke in summer.
2 Never approach any dangerous place such as keep off areas or cliffs. Always be cautious about the situation around you rather than being absorbed in listening to sound or filling in worksheets. Your safety first.

3 Please note that I am not liable for any accident or loss during the workshop.

- - -

What We Do

Part One: Introduction
[Inside : 30mins]
- About the workshop
- Introduce yourself
- Matters to be attended to
- Give out clipboards, maps, and worksheets
- Grouping

Part Two: Outdoor Listening (everyone together)
[Outside : 30mins]
Before taking a walk, listen to the soundscape of a particular place and make a time to answer the questions on your worksheet. The questions are:

- Is there any change or anything in common with the previous place?
- Is there any change when you close your eyes?
- How would you explain the soundscape?
- How would you describe the soundscape as a drawing?
- Moving sound / Stopping sound
- Natural sound / Artificial sound
- The closest sound / The farthest sound
- The loudest sound / The quietest sound
- A sound unique to here
- A sound unique to this country
- The most impressive sound
- Which sound do you need / not?
- Which sound do you want to leave / remove?
- Your favorite sound /
- Single sound / Continuous sound
- Guess sound in the past / in the future

Part Three: Outdoor Listening (individual)
[Outside : 60mins]
Set out for listening freely with your group. During the experience, you need to stop twice to listen and answer the questions above.

Part Four: Sharing
[Inside : 60mins]
- Share what you wrote on your worksheet
- Share what you felt, thought

- - -

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