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Learn and demonstrate simple tools for strengthening energy balance, immune system and having more joy and fun! Energy Medicine uses methods related to Acupressure, Touch for Health and Kinesiology; to increase your energy, bring balance to your meridians, chakras, aura and other subtle energy systems of your body, address physical/emotional/psychological imbalances; and to optimize your health. Tools to shift your energy and be more balanced! You will learn How to identify and correct imbalances How to use self testing tools to ‘see’ energy Techniques for relief of pain and stress How to buffer and filter outside energetic influences so only that which is for your best is coming into your field. We will explore how stress, beliefs, thoughts and attitudes affect the body and give ways to help minimize the negative, and maximize the positive effects. You will also learn how to hold your own energy balance more strongly, to manifest your intentions and create the life you imagine! Demonstrations, handout materials and hands on experiences included.