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Eindhoven Cycling Tours’ founder Maurice Meijer was born and raised in Eindhoven. He starting cycling and wanted to share his knowledge with others. What started as a small tour of ten kilometres, lead to cycling tours to Oxford and Cambridge. In 2016 he founded Eindhoven Cycling Tours: an initiative to show hidden highlights in Eindhoven and its beautiful surroundings by bike.
ECT is all about connection & action & fun! ECT creates customised connections and tours for various groups of people that want to discover the wonderful green area of Brabant by bike. We love to connect local and international inhabitants with a broad spectrum of natural and cultural diversity, expats with locals, companies with students and so on.
Are you curious about what ECT has to offer to you? Just visit www.eindhovencyclingtours.nl and discover which connection you can make!

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Sunset & van Gogh Bikepath Cycling tour

Price of this tour is just 5 euro Let's go on a cycling trip to the highest point of the province. A amazing 60 meters above sealevel! No climbing gear needed. Weather looks good. Warm and dry. Wil we get a sunset? Join the tour and find out. On the way back to Eindhoven we visit Daan Roosgaarde bikepath.

Double castle Cycling tour


€ 15,00

Let's go for a half day cycling tour to 2 beautiful castles. Price of the tour is 15 euro p.p The guide wil take you and your friends thrue forrests and backroads al the way to Helmond and back. The tour has plenty of stops so everybody can join on their citybike. Bring water and some snacks. At croy we wil stop for coffee and or lunch.(not included). Bring a camera if you have one.

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Strawberry Farm & Oirschot Cycling Tour

Soul Kitchen