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November Elm Meetup Utrecht with @unsoundscapes!
Hi everyone! The last Meetup is just behind us that it's already time to prepare the next one ! For this coming event, we will have the pleasure to have Andrey Kuzmin with us! You may know him better as @unsoundscapes : Andrey works for Soundcloud, is the maintainer of elm-webgl and has spoken about Elm several times around the world (including the last Elm Europe!). Andrey will do a talk about his physics engine in Elm : Fighting the laws of Physics in elm! For this Meetup, we are still searching for a location, and a second speaker so if you have any ideas please contact me :). Let's put some substance around the event! Looking forward meeting you all again. Julien

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    Wat we doen

    A Meetup group in the Netherlands for users and enthusiasts of the Elm programming language.

    What is Elm?
    It’s a functional programming language for declaratively creating web browser-based graphical user interfaces. More on Wiki (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elm_(programming_language)) or Elm Website (http://elm-lang.org/).

    Is this Meetup for me?
    Elm is relatively new and it does not have that much traction in the Netherlands yet. This Meetup group hopes to change that. The Meetups will vary from introductory to more advanced topics and from showcases to hackathons. Check out the upcoming Meetups if the description fits your needs and we hope to see you around.

    Are you doing cool stuff with Elm?
    If you are doing cool stuff with Elm and you like to share this with us, please contact us and we can schedule a talk.

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