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After many failed attempts to reduce the gender gap in leadership positions, it's crucial to understand the main reason why it’s still there. According to recent research men and women are assessed very differently at work. Specifically, managers are significantly more likely to critique female employees for coming on too strong, and their accomplishments are more likely than men’s to be seen as the result of team, rather than individual efforts, finds new research from Stanford University’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research. The interplay between pay, gender and non-cognitive skills is complex, as women may actually be penalized based on gender stereotypes of workplace behaviors. This unconscious bias most often surfaces in feedback and performance reviews, impacting the upward mobility of women and minorities.

The main question we want to discuss during this interactive session is how HR leaders can promote more diversity in leadership positions by starting the discussion about unconscious bias at work. Though this is often a sensitive topic, our aim is to give HR the tools to have an open honest conversation and help managers spot bias in the feedback they give to others. An expert on Diversity and inclusion is going to share tips and best practices to spot unconscious biases and a successful Diversity Manager is going to share her experience with implementing an effective plan to fight this problem. RSVP asap! Drinks and snacks are going to be provided after this insightful session :)