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Welcome at Endava Serbia Meetup group!

Our guiding philosophy has always been the same: We focus on helping people to be successful. The people who work for us, the people who engage with us, and the people who use the systems and applications we design, build and operate.

As one of our core values is being Thoughtful, we live this value by supporting the development and betterment of both our local IT communities and the wider communities in all our locations.

Come and join this group and our upcoming events, where we aim to share our knowledge, our stories and achievements. We want to empower discussion on all relevant topics that will contribute to the growth of our local IT community.

Website: https://www.endava.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/endava/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/endava/

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Meetup: Dev Stories: Two-faced Device Drivers

Endava D.O.O. Beograd

To expand our network of local IT professionals with a diverse technical background and willingness to share their experiences and interests, we have launched a series of meetups, designed as „Tech Stories“. This one is dedicated to C++ „world“. Four of our experienced programmers will talk about challenges and issues they were facing while splitting Linux drivers into kernel and user space, through comparative analysis of different drivers implementation. The meetup will cover the following: • Introduction to drivers • Splitting drivers • Pros & cons of the analyzed solutions • Comparative performance analysis The hosts of this event are: • Aleksandar Karalejic - Senior Architect • Vladimir Stankovic - Senior Architect • Slobodan Miletic - Senior Developer • Petar Kovacevic - Development Lead They have more than 50 years of combined C/C++ experience on various enterprise and consumer products. With Endava they have been developing solutions varying from kernel-level drivers up to extensive scale services. Currently, they are working for a market leader in docking technologies on productization of their core drivers. Join us to explore this exciting topic together. Entrance is free, but seats are limited. Thursday, 24th of October, Endava, Milutina Milankovića 9đ, Novi Beograd

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