Becoming a Digital Nomad — Live Free and Travel the World

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On 11 June, we'll have Utrecht Entrepreneurship Meetup #6! The topic is Digital Nomadism.

Pieter Levels has made the digital nomad idea famous. The concept is simple — if you don't need to meet with clients or customers face-to-face, you might as well travel the world and live in Thailand while you work!

Our first speaker is Alex Malone from Meetings In The Sun. In her talk, she will discuss her experience living abroad and working as a freelancer, the challenges she faced and provide some tips for people who want to go the same route.

Our second speaker is Martijn Reintjes from Team Croco. Martijn has built an entirely remote team, which gives him the freedom to travel the world with his family while still growing his business. Martijn will give his view of the future of work and provide strategies to implement this flexibility in your own business.

Together, they will provide a highly interesting insight into digital nomadism and working with colleagues and clients in other countries and timezones.

Note that the format will be the same as previous meetups: Two speakers + a lot of time for networking and meeting like-minded ambitious entrepreneurs.

This time, the event is co-organized with Permanent Beta's Tech Tuesday! While our speakers will speak about Digital Nomadism, Tech Tuesday will also host a talk on Blockchain secrets. For more info, see

We start at 19.30 sharp!

NOTE: Location has changed! We will meet at Seats2Meet Utrecht CS.

Also note that we will take pictures/video during the event.