Local Entrepreneurship — Turning Your Business Into a Local Brand

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Utrecht Community (UCo)

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Look for the green UCo signs. The entrance is a parking lot next to the driving school, behind the parking lot you'll find the UCo building!

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On 9 July, we'll have Utrecht Entrepreneurship Meetup #7! The topic is Local Entrepreneurship.

We'll have two amazing and well-known Utrecht entrepreneurs speak about how they made sure their business and brand name has gotten so popular.

The first of these is none other than well-known Utrecht-based graffiti artist JanIsDeMan! (http://janisdeman.com/). Jan Heinsbroek, also known as JanIsDeMan, is a popular artist from Utrecht. Particularly known for his graffiti and tattoo work, Jan also creates illustrations, murals, and so much more. If you live in Utrecht, you've probably seen some of his work — at de Amsterdamsestraatweg, het Griftpark or Transwijk. Or perhaps you've visited his tattoo shop Black Book, which he runs with fellow artist Deef Feed. With these two companies that are truly from Utrecht, JanIsDeMan knows a lot about local entrepreneurship and making your brand known.

And our other speaker is Mark Laagewaard, founder and owner of Utrecht-based crowdfunding platform Crowdaboutnow (http://crowdaboutnow.nl). Mark started CrowdAboutNow in 2009 and since then, this crowdfunding platform has grown fast, helping a variety of businesses in (and outside of) Utrecht with their crowdfunding goals. Businesses from Utrecht who have been funded through CrowdAboutNow include Vechtclub XL, Taplokaal Gist, 30ML, but also other initiatives such as Draag de Dom and Smulders Kookt. Mark knows a lot about branding, activating local communities and giving your business a true 'soul'.

They will both talk from their experience on how to turn your business into a local brand. It will surely be another great evening, and we hope to see you there!

Schedule:[masked] Walk in, We start at 19.30 sharp!

//This meetup is proudly sponsored by Infloat, UCo and Halfes.

Halfes (https://halfes.nl) is looking to reduce waste and improve the quality of wine you drink. Halfes is a startup wine distributor seeking to change how you consume wine by selling smaller bottles consisting of 3 glasses of wine. Drinking our wine not only reduces waste, but preserves your favourite wines by offering personal portions.//

NOTE: The location may change — but this may not be reflected in your calendar invite. Please check this page beforehand to make sure you come to the right place!

Also note that we will take pictures and may record the event on video.