Fuckup Night — Share Your Stories About Startup Failure

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On 17 September, we'll have Utrecht Entrepreneurship Meetup #9!

This time, we'll do it a bit differently than our normal meetups. We'll ask 5-10 people from the Enter Network Community to share a story in which they f*cked up.

In the spirit of 'Fuckup Nights', we'll talk about failure, screw-ups, mistakes, pitfalls, missteps and anything else that didn't go as planned while running your business.

Our speakers include:
* Eleonora Viviani - On her previous startup Stereomood
* Stephan Verveen - On his previous startup H3Uni
* Peter Keppels - on a €20,000 product failure
* James Calcinai
* Loviisa Vähävuori - on not valuing yourself

We're still looking for speakers to share their fuckup. So if you're interested and have a story to share, please send us a message!

Schedule:[masked] Walk in, We start at 19.30 sharp.

//This meetup is proudly sponsored by Halfes.//

NOTE: We have decided to ask for a small contribution (€5) for attending the evening. In return, you will receive 2 free drinks. The rest of your contribution will go towards meetup fees (which we have as organizers), our website/social media costs, and potentially some photography/video equipment. You can pay by cash or iDeal on this page (link will be shared soon). Do let us know what you think of this change!

Also note that we will take pictures and may record the event on video.