Lean Startup Workshop: Building Your MVP

Enter Network Utrecht Entrepreneurship Meetup
Enter Network Utrecht Entrepreneurship Meetup
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Are you an entrepreneur and do you want to take your new or existing business further? And do you want to find out how to build a solid Minimum-Viable Product?

On 27 February, we are organizing the first Enter Network Lean Startup Workshop! We teamed up with Thomas Jacobs, an MVP specialist and consultant with years of experience working with the lean startup framework and building Minimum Viable Products. See www.thomasjacobs.nl

We have designed a great workshop for entrepreneurs building a new product/service and want to do so quickly with minimum time and money spent.

What you get from this workshop:
* A thorough and practical understanding of the Build-Measure-Learn Cycle
* How to apply the Minimum Viable Product concept to your business
* The steps needed to set up your MVP and test a market quickly and effectively
* An entrepreneurial boost and a lean mindset

Who is this workshop for?
* Starting entrepreneurs
* Experienced entrepreneurs who are building a new product or service and want an MVP refresher
* Intrapreneurs building a new product or service

Price: €75 (try-out price)
Duration: 3 hours (09:00-12:00)
Location: TBD
Seats: Minimum 3, Maximum 6. First come, first served!

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