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28.1.2020 was the last Last Tuesday event of Entrepreneurs Anonymous Gent. Thank you all for being part of it 🙏We will organise an annual Entrepreneurs Anonymous dinner (I have on my bucket list to one day organise a 100 person dinner in the Gravensteen!). In order to get invited to it, you need to sign up with your email address in this form:

For you who can't wait and need networking events NOW: Here are some alternatives to Entrepreneurs Anonymous: 

Solopreneurs can join the Freelancers in Belgium Facebook group and events instead. There is a freelancer conference coming up in Brussels on the 7th of February. See more:

Startups and founders can also find entrepreneurs related events via Startup Digest Ghent:

Phebe D'hondt is the founder of and is organising a big networking event for entrepreneurs at Vinoscoop in Ghent the 12th of February. See more here:

EBBC - Entrepreneurial Business Book Club organises events around Gent and in the rest of Belgium with interesting discussions and presentations around business books.

Megalist of entrepreneurship events in Flanders:

Also, connect with me, Jenny on LinkedIn to learn what I'll do in the future around building an academy for creative leaders...