Blockchain consensus algorithms explained by a developer (with Jack Tanner)

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This event will be technical in nature and intended for technical professionals and developers with some previous understanding of blockchain concepts. It is offered by Jack Tanner - nomad developer and educator­ and made possible with the support of .

Main presentation: Blockchain consensus algorithms

We will explore several different mechanisms for achieving consensus for blockchains and distributed ledges and their characteristics. Rough agenda:

* Proof of Work - Bitcoin case study
* Proof of Stake - NXT and Ethereum case study
* Delegated Proof of Stake - EOS case study
* Proof of Authority - Ripple case study
* We might talk about LPOS (Tezos), POI (NEM) or DAGs (IOTA) if time permits and if we can prepare in time
* Block commitment rounds - Bitcoin, EOS, Cosmos case study

Speaker: Jack Tanner

Jack is a passionate advocate for Blockchain Technology and loves teaching technical concepts in an understandable way. Jack is a Blockchain Developer and Cryptocurrency Specialist. He recently completed a Masters in Computer Science at Imperial College London and a previous student at The Blockchain Connector Ethereum developer workshop. He currently works as a senior blockchain developer on the Indorse platform, and has been involved in numerous blockchain projects and education events. From Brisbane, Jack is enthusiastic to share his knowledge with his home two before returning to London.

Second presentation: Delayed Proof of Work

This talk will be about Delayed Proof of Work, a consensus mechanism designed and executed by the Komodo team and available for all under the MIT license. Delayed Proof of Work, dPoW, is an interchain mechanism which continuously secures blockchains into Komodo and Bitcoin. That way smaller blockchains running dPoW are independent and secure while recycling Bitcoin’s hash rate. With dPoW we can build the multi-chain future.

Speaker: Bart van Maarseveen

Bart van Maarseveen ( is passionate on decentralisation and open source. He thinks we should always strive to reach maximum decentralisation as power tends to corrupt, always. Bart consults about blockchain solutions and is an entrepreneur in the blockchain space for some time. He is active as co-founder of communities like Blockbar (The Hague) and Blockdam (Amsterdam) and of the mobile DEX wallet CoinCollect.


5:45:6:00 - networking with drinks and nibbles

6:00-8:00 - main presentation

8:00-8:30 - second presentation

8:30 - networking with drinks

Event Organisers:

Jack Tanner

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