Crypto010 Rotterdam organizes: "CryptoFriday - Decentralised Finance"

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Decentralised Finance a.k.a. #DeFi is is the notion of creating traditional or new innovative financial products in a decentralised way on Ethereum.

The Rotterdam Crypto010 Meetup group organizes a #DeFi evening with founders and developers that are working on #DeFi products in The Netherlands: Mick de Graaf, Alessio Delmonti and Andrey Belyakov

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The meetup is non-technical, but super relevant for anyone interested in the Ethereum ecosystem - all of the speakers have been speakers at #ETHDEVNL meetups too.

Topics of discussion:

- P2P lending markets
- Decentralised stable coins
- Automated fund management
- Wallets (how to use this new financial system)
- And many more!

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