Post-Devcon5 meetup: what happened in Osaka?

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Jaarbeursplein 6 · Utrecht

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LCU is in Beatrix building at Jaarbeursplein 6, literally next to Utrecht Centraal train station, use the station exit that is opposite from City Center. Check pic at Parking:

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Wat we doen

Osaka was the epicenter of Blockchain development in October. Ethereum developers gathered from around the world to eat sushi, drink Sake and... discuss everything there is to discuss around Ethereum.

A lot of announcements were made and thoughts were shared; during this Meetup, we will dive into some of the hottest topics of Osaka. Namely:
- Eth 2.0
- DAOs
- Tokenengineering

Programma:[masked]: walk in and drinks[masked]: The state of Ethereum (2.0) - Rinke Hendriksen[masked]: All there is to DAO - Pascal Van Hecke[masked]: break[masked]: Tokenengineering the commons - Stefaan Ponnet