MakerDAO mechanics, Rabobank on Self-Sovereign Identity, and Flash Loans @LCU

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LCU is in Beatrix building at Jaarbeursplein 6, literally next to Utrecht Centraal train station, use the station exit that is opposite from City Center. Check pic at Parking:

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Talk: Self Sovereign Identity, Marnix van den Bent, Blockchain Engineer @Rabobank

Data is stored in locked silos at big corporations. Why don’t we give the user control over their own data?
During this talk you will learn more about the self-sovereign identity ideology, how data is exchanged and why the Ethereum smart contract is an essential part of the solution.
Rabobank has years of experience in the field of self-sovereign identity and will be running some pilots in 2020 – but we can’t do it alone! The community needs your help. With our open-source libraries, we take a step further by focusing on the interoperability of different identity protocols to make the SSI ecosystem bigger and less shattered. Are you in?

- Intro SSI
- Full technical walkthrough of the credential exchange flow
- Ethereum smart contract
- Upcoming SSI pilots

Talk: Inner workings of the DAI smart-contracts, Rinke Hendriksen, smart-contract developer and token economist for IOV-labs and Swarm
DAI is a stablecoin, developed by Maker. The coin has become tremendously popular, known as one of the first Decentralized Finance products on Ethereum and serving as a basis for many others.

But... What makes this marvelous clock tick: which (token economic) mechanisms are present in the DAI Smart-contracts, which actors rule the game, what are the rules and are there any risks?

A must-go for anybody who works with, or plans to work with the DAI StableCoin!

Talk: Flash Loans in DeFi, David Truong
Flash loans are a relatively new crypto primitive that allows the borrowing, usage, and repayment of money in one transaction. This has opened up new opportunities and exploits, from collateral swaps and arbitrage, to the recent 'exploitation' of bZx protocol, which resulted in an attacker profiting $350k in 15 seconds. David will give an introduction to flash loans, how he implemented Aave's flash loans into, and go over the recent bZx exploit in detail.

We do have some open slots for shorter talks (max 15 minutes) - and there is always opportunity to quickly show what you're working on (or what you're struggling with) - message Pascal (via the organizer profile).