Coworking @LCU with @Blockchain30: come with your DeFi and SSI questions

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Lisk Center Utrecht

Jaarbeursplein 6 · Utrecht

Hoe vind je ons

LCU is in Beatrix building at Jaarbeursplein 6, literally next to Utrecht Centraal train station, use the station exit that is opposite from City Center. Check pic at Parking:

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Wat we doen

If you want to meet the speakers of coming Monday's meetup ( beforehand, you can come to Utrecht earlier:

16h-17h: Rinke and Davey will be available for questions and brainstorming on #DeFi ideas (both their topics, MakerDAO and Flash Loans are part of the broader Decentralized Finance)

17-18h: Marnix will be available for questions on SSI or ULA ( ). Maybe you want to build on ULA for the Identity challenge in the Odyssey hackathon ;-) ?

Note: this is not a workshop, everything depends on what you bring to the table yourself. If no-one has topics to discuss, then it'll just be regular coworking :-)

Between 18h and 19h, there's time to get some food before the presentations of the meetup start (19h sharp).

You can already post your questions in the comments.

How will it work practically:

On Monday, Blockchain030 has its coworking session (you can actually already join from 10h on). They were so kind to reserve 16-18h as a warm-up for the meetup.
See here for how it works:

Thanks Blockchain030 and Lisk Center for hosting!

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