• Post-Devcon5 meetup: what happened in Osaka?

    Lisk Center Utrecht

    Osaka was the epicenter of Blockchain development in October. Ethereum developers gathered from around the world to eat sushi, drink Sake and... discuss everything there is to discuss around Ethereum. A lot of announcements were made and thoughts were shared; during this Meetup, we will dive into some of the hottest topics of Osaka. Namely: - Eth 2.0 - DAOs - Tokenengineering Programma:[masked]: walk in and drinks[masked]: The state of Ethereum (2.0) - Rinke Hendriksen[masked]: All there is to DAO - Pascal Van Hecke[masked]: break[masked]: Tokenengineering the commons - Stefaan Ponnet

  • Crypto010 Rotterdam organizes: "CryptoFriday - Decentralised Finance"

    Decentralised Finance a.k.a. #DeFi is is the notion of creating traditional or new innovative financial products in a decentralised way on Ethereum. The Rotterdam Crypto010 Meetup group organizes a #DeFi evening with founders and developers that are working on #DeFi products in The Netherlands: Mick de Graaf https://mickdegraaf.nl/, Alessio Delmonti https://www.dexlab.io/ and Andrey Belyakov https://www.opium.network/ More info and registration at https://www.meetup.com/Crypto010-Rotterdam-Virtual-Currency-Blockchain-Meetup/events/264476624/ The meetup is non-technical, but super relevant for anyone interested in the Ethereum ecosystem - all of the speakers have been speakers at #ETHDEVNL meetups too. Topics of discussion: - P2P lending markets - Decentralised stable coins - Automated fund management - Wallets (how to use this new financial system) - And many more! Register at: https://www.meetup.com/Crypto010-Rotterdam-Virtual-Currency-Blockchain-Meetup/events/264476624/

  • [copromotion] DAOfest Amsterdam

    Primalbase Amsterdam

    ******* Registration (required!) via https://thenextweb.com/hardfork-summit/for-communities ******* DAOfest is a non-technical meetup and a side event of the Hard Fork Summit. Since DAOs are an important part of the Ethereum ecosystem, we're happy to copromote! Program and speakers at: https://www.meetup.com/DAOfest-Amsterdam/events/265559630/ At the time of publishing, ETHDEVNL is not in the list of communities at https://thenextweb.com/hardfork-summit/for-communities, but pick any, and it should work.

  • Blockchain consensus algorithms explained by a developer (with Jack Tanner)

    ******* Registration (required!) via https://www.eventbrite.com/e/blockchain-consensus-algorithms-explained-with-bitcoin-nxt-ethereum-ripple-eos-and-komodo-tickets-68585877205 ******* This event will be technical in nature and intended for technical professionals and developers with some previous understanding of blockchain concepts. It is offered by Jack Tanner https://jackandtheblockstalk.com/ - nomad developer and educator­ and made possible with the support of https://workonblockchain.com/ . Main presentation: Blockchain consensus algorithms We will explore several different mechanisms for achieving consensus for blockchains and distributed ledges and their characteristics. Rough agenda: * Proof of Work - Bitcoin case study * Proof of Stake - NXT and Ethereum case study * Delegated Proof of Stake - EOS case study * Proof of Authority - Ripple case study * We might talk about LPOS (Tezos), POI (NEM) or DAGs (IOTA) if time permits and if we can prepare in time * Block commitment rounds - Bitcoin, EOS, Cosmos case study Speaker: Jack Tanner Jack is a passionate advocate for Blockchain Technology and loves teaching technical concepts in an understandable way. Jack is a Blockchain Developer and Cryptocurrency Specialist. He recently completed a Masters in Computer Science at Imperial College London and a previous student at The Blockchain Connector Ethereum developer workshop. He currently works as a senior blockchain developer on the Indorse platform, and has been involved in numerous blockchain projects and education events. From Brisbane, Jack is enthusiastic to share his knowledge with his home two before returning to London. Second presentation: Delayed Proof of Work This talk will be about Delayed Proof of Work, a consensus mechanism designed and executed by the Komodo team and available for all under the MIT license. Delayed Proof of Work, dPoW, is an interchain mechanism which continuously secures blockchains into Komodo and Bitcoin. That way smaller blockchains running dPoW are independent and secure while recycling Bitcoin’s hash rate. With dPoW we can build the multi-chain future. Speaker: Bart van Maarseveen Bart van Maarseveen (https://bart.vanmaarseveen.net/) is passionate on decentralisation and open source. He thinks we should always strive to reach maximum decentralisation as power tends to corrupt, always. Bart consults about blockchain solutions and is an entrepreneur in the blockchain space for some time. He is active as co-founder of communities like Blockbar (The Hague) and Blockdam (Amsterdam) and of the mobile DEX wallet CoinCollect. Schedule: 5:45:6:00 - networking with drinks and nibbles 6:00-8:00 - main presentation 8:00-8:30 - second presentation 8:30 - networking with drinks Event Organisers: Jack Tanner https://jackandtheblockstalk.com/ https://twitter.com/jackandtheblock https://www.linkedin.com/in/jack-tanner/

  • [copromotion] Intro into Swarm and the Swarm Accounting Protocol

    Rinke Hendriksen organizes an introduction to Swarm, see program and registration at: https://www.meetup.com/LiskCenterUtrecht/events/265015955/ Swarm is a peer to peer file storage system to allow distributed and encrypted storage of users data. It complements the Ethereum protocol and started as part of the original Web3 vision for distributed apps, together with the messaging protocol Whisper. This Meetup will introduce you to the recent work done on the Swarm incentive track and do a pre-run on the gamified (yay!) workshop on incentives where you will playfully be introduced to running a Swarm node with the Swarm Accounting Protocol (SWAP) enabled. Don't forget to register at: https://www.meetup.com/LiskCenterUtrecht/events/265015955/

  • "So you think you code a client?" ETH2.0, Ethermint and ETC @Lisk Center Utrecht

    The nice people of Toronto-based https://ChainSafe.io/ are in The Netherlands. They are known for their work on Polkadot, several EVM-compatible clients and the Lodestar ETH2 implementation. Come and learn what it takes to be a client developer with these four talks: - General update on ETH2 (Aidan Hyman) - Networking in ETH2 (Elizabeth Binks: http://elizabeth.website/) - Using the EVM with Tendermint on your own Cosmos-compatible chain (David Ansermino) - State of Ethereum Classic (by Amer Ameen, Chainsafe maintains the Go-Ethererum client of Classic, which is gearing up for an Istanbul-compatible hardfork soon) We are kindly and generously hosted by Lisk Center Utrecht: https://www.liskcenter.io/ (literally next to Utrecht Centraal train station, easily reachable from any other city in The Netherlands). Practical Walk-in from 18.30. Talks start 19h sharp. Note: on Wednesday Sep 4th, Aidan Hyman will be speaking at BTC Wednesday, mainly focusing on their developer journey - definitely check it out: https://www.bitcoinwednesday.com/speakers/aidan-hyman-ceo-chainsafe-systems/

  • Midsummer Meetup: Lightning Talks by local devs! @Lisk Center Utrecht

    Why a meetup in the middle of the summer holidays? Because everyone is bored :-). For once, we don't focus on one specific tech topic: the theme is "local heroes". Several people will present short talks about their work as sole developer or as part of a remote team of a bigger project. Obviously there will be plenty of time for questions, chatting and drinks. You'll meet: * https://twitter.com/carlbeek Carl Beekhuizen, ETH2.0 researcher at Ethereum Foundation * https://twitter.com/mickdeg010 Mick de Graaf, Defied (Defi project) * https://twitter.com/novemberborn Mark Wubben, project engineer at TokenCard.io (smart contract-based debit card) * https://twitter.com/adrianleb Adrian Le Bas, Technical Product Manager at MakerDAO.com * https://twitter.com/mathsguy Aron Fischer, Lead engineer with Colony.io and Swarm (decentralized storage) * https://alexandermangel.com/ Alexander Mangel, a.o. Ethtective.com * https://twitter.com/marijnbent Marijn Bent, WordProof.io We are kindly and generously hosted by Lisk Center Utrecht: https://www.liskcenter.io/ (literally next to Utrecht Centraal train station, easily reachable from any other city in The Netherlands). Practical Walk-in from 18.30. Talks start 19h sharp. Some people will be earlier in Utrecht to get some food together, before the meetup -> check the comments to see whether there is consensus about the location.

  • [Workshop] Privacy Infrastructure for the Decentralized Web: Secure Computation

    Join us for an active workshop in The Hague, to explore use cases for Secure Computing. We will follow a new meetup formula where we join the Copenhagen and Cape Town meetup groups (comfortably in the same time zone!), have an introductory plenary talk, followed by local workshop groups that report back to the plenary in the end. This requires strict planning and time coordination, so the schedule will be: 18:00 Open doors 18:30 Local introductions 18:45 Introduction to Event by Troels Plenge (Copenhagen) 18:50 Talk by John 'Tux' Pacific (USA) 19:35 Introduction to Workshop session by Troels Plenge 19:40 Workshop in Groups 20:10 Group presentations 20:30 Online event ends - local networking Questions beforehand or want to introduce yourself? Join the Telegram chat at https://t.me/joinchat/G2ov-BWiFRz43jkodBp6hw ************************************************************************** Description ************************************************************************** (See https://docs.google.com/document/d/12e95wRy0rj4jtFfS08y_7ZY5BFsoVktWwaTazCosZkc/edit for the living document) Secure Computation allows for secure, privacy-preserving artificial intelligence. Projects like openmined.org started to research and discover how you could apply machine learning on your personal data without exposing your data to others. Those principles are now starting to be adopted by many projects. In this session we will have a talk by John 'Tux' Pacific, who is a Cryptography Engineer with NuCypher, where they work at building Privacy Infrastructure for the Decentralized Web. He will take us through the different technologies available to achieve secure computation, and explain use-cases of projects applying these technologies. After the session we will have a workshop, where the participants will work in groups (3 to 6 ppl) to find use cases, where these concepts can be applied. This workshop will be hosted as part of the “Global Eth Organizer” network, where world class speakers are broadcasting live to multiple meetup locations worldwide, while the workshop sessions are hosted locally. PARTICIPATING MEETUPS INCLUDE Copenhagen Ethereum Meetup https://www.meetup.com/Copenhagen-Ethereum-Meetup/events/261347503/ Cape Town Ethereum Meetup https://www.meetup.com/Cape-Town-Ethereum-Meetup/events/261346972/ ETH DEV NL - http://ethereum.nl

  • Stablecoins for developers #DutchBlockchainWeek

    The Thinking Hut (South Location)

    *************************************** Part of Dutch Blockchain week, check out other events at https://www.dutchblockchainweek.com/events/ *************************************** 18.30 Walk-in 19.00 Start presentations 1. MakerDAO for developers: Adrian le Bas, Tech Product Owner at https://makerdao.com - What is DAI, how is it created - From ETH-backed DAI to Multi-Collateral DAI (and WTF is the DSR?) - Integrating with the MKR/DAI ecosystem: the SDK, and developing for MCD (testnets) 2. Stablecoins: issues and risks: Edan Yago, founder https://www.cementdao.com/ - Fiat-collateralized stablecoins versus crypto-backed - Issues: regulation, liquidity, counterparty risk... - CementDAO as risk mitigation for Stablecoins 3. Lightning talks and Live Tweets: let us know if you want to present your project or idea (slides are optional) Lightning talks confirmed: - David Truong about https://cdp.fyi/ - Andrey Belyakov about https://www.opium.network/

  • [copromotion] "DEFI and tokenomics" by Blockchaintalks #DutchBlockchainWeek

    Blockchaintalks is hosting an evening on Decentralized Finance (#DeFi) and tokenomics with speakers from these Ethereum-based projects: - https://aave.com (formerly known as EthLend) - http://makerdao.com - https://bloxy.info/ - https://www.opium.network Full program: https://blockchaintalks.io/events/18/ Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/1st-defi-and-tokenomics-event-hosting-talks-panels-and-a-shark-tank-tickets-61936664230 Note: this is mostly a non-technical event, but we are happy to co-promote. This event is part of Dutch Blockchain Week, see a full listing at: https://www.dutchblockchainweek.com/events/ - we host our own developer-oriented Stablecoin talks one day later: https://www.meetup.com/Ethereum-DEV-NL/events/261328879/