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Hi everyone, I am on business in Asia for the next few weeks, so if anyone would like to suggest and lead a ride, let me know the details, date, venue etc and I will post it to this site and to facebook.

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Calling all bikers! This is an International 'expat' Motorbike Riding Club for all English speaking people. All are welcome, whatever bike you ride and wherever you come from - including local Dutch riders who also speak English. All are welcome, Gents and Ladies and whether you ride a Sports bike, Cruiser, Japanese, German, British or American - we dont care! We're all bikers after all! The only restriction is that your Bike must be capable of Motorway speeds (so sorry, no mopeds) and that you are safe and confident to ride with a group. Its all about riding together and having fun. kick your kick stands up - and lets ride! I plan to set up meet and ride at least once a month (weather permitting) in the winter months and probably twice a month (or more!) in the warmer months.