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Let's ride Rhenen + Kwintelooijen!
For our next outing let's ride these two trails in the beautiful Utrechtse Heuvelrug Nationaal Park. The first, Rhenen, is a 6.5 km long, fun yet beginner friendly route with flowing climbs, descents and corners. The second, Rhenen Kwintelooijen is a 2.5 km trail that offers steep climbs and descents and is bound to provide a challenge for the more adventurous among us. Because the trails are so short we'd ideally ride a few laps of each. And with the meeting point being between them, each of us can decide whether to ride ride with the group or to focus on a single trail knowing we still have a place we can all meet at. More information on these routes ride can be found here: As is now tradition we'll end the meetup with a stop https://mtb-utrechtseheuvelrug.nl/mtb-routes/rhenen/ and here: https://mtb-utrechtseheuvelrug.nl/mtb-routes/kwintelooijen-rhenen/ After the ride we will stop at a local pannenkoeken house for a chat and some food. So book a little extra time for some socialising with your fellow riders. Please note that you will need a valid vignette to ride these routes. For more info on where to buy one you can consult this page: https://mtb-utrechtseheuvelrug.nl/vergunning/

Car park

Oude Veensegrindweg 55 · Rhenen

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    This group is for discovering the trails and country side that the Netherlands (and neighbouring countries) have to offer. We propose to organise monthly outings to test our skills and ride some muddy roads together. Both Dutch and expats are welcome although we ask that you speak English when you attend. If you want to know more you can check our FAQ. (https://www.meetup.com/Expat-Mountain-Bikers-of-North-Holland/pages/24373534/FAQ/)