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Meet, Mix & Mingle @ Maas Bar & Kitchen (Hosted / Intros / €10)
Welcome to yet another fabulous weekend of socialising and making new friends in Amsterdam....! We are delighted to host a cocktails evening at the fabulous Maas Bar & Kitchen Maas Bar & Kitchen has a lovely and comfortable vibe. The venue offers a wide array of foods & beverages that will appeal to any pallet - it's the perfect setting for an evening with friends... Please be aware that over 75% or our members attend for the first time and over 95% attend alone. Please do not feel nervous as Anica will welcome you and also introduce you around. Event Flow: - Our evening will start at 7:00 pm (please arrive as close to the time as possible). - We have a special area reserved just for our members, so when you arrive please ask for Expats Meetup. This will make it easy to recognize all our members, and so everyone in that area can mingle with each other. - ANICA (your host & organizer) will welcome you warmly to the group and will also introduce you to some of the other members - no one will be alone... - Members will be given a drink voucher that can be used at a later date (voucher will not be valid on the day of the event) - You are welcome to buy any food and beverages at your own expense and have to pay directly to the venue. - We encourage our members to bring their friends and experience what we have to offer. Dress code: Smart casual Event cost / fee: Ladies & Gents : €10 payable in cash only (will be collected by ANICA at the start of the evening when you arrive) (We collect an event cost / fee of €10 from all members. This fee helps pay for the costs of professional organizing, hosting, negotiating, meetup costs and marketing etc.) ---------- Why should you attend our Socials? 1. Our socials are very casual and laid-back affairs. We have no registration table, queues, guest lists or ceremony. All you do is walk in like you are meeting old friends and just say hello! 2. There is a very good reason why our socials have small groups of between 20 and 40 people. That is because small groups are better for socializing and everyone can actually meet everyone else through the course of the evening. Everyone just enjoys themselves more! 3. We, almost always, tend to have a very good gender, age, and cultural balance. No one group dominates, there are no cliques and everyone is very open to make new friends. CLICK TO SEE PHOTOS FROM PAST MEETUPS http://bit.ly/Oursocials You can reach Anica Huber through her profile in case of any questions. You can also reach Dan Raj on [masked] (whatsapp only) ---------- Top Tips on making the best of our Meetups 1. Do not be shy: Everyone who attends meetups have to overcome this fear. Almost everyone who attends actually comes alone. Bring a friend if it makes it easier for you. Please remember that the organisers are there to help you socialise and so go meet them as soon as you come to an event. We will look after you the best we can. 2. Be friendly and welcoming. Meetups are social occasions. If you attend, make the effort to talk to different people, not just people you already know. Make a special effort to welcome newcomers and involve them in the meetup. 3. Attend a few meetups before you decide whether they work for you. The people at every meetup social are different as is the venue, environment, energy etc. One meetup is never like another. Attend at least 3 of them before you decide to become a life long member or stop attending. 4. Don’t just turn up, take part. Meetups work best when everyone participates actively, not just the organisers or old members. Come with a positive mind and cheerful, meet lots of people and involve others. Do not sit in a corner or look at your mobile. 5. Spread the word. If you’ve enjoyed a meetup, don’t keep it to yourself. Tell people you think might benefit. Share links on social media. Blog about your experiences and what you’ve learned and gained. New members are the life blood of the group. Please be aware that we have 4 meetup groups in Amsterdam. We combine these groups at many of our events and as a result we will have a much larger group of people attending than appears on the RSVPs above. You can see many of our global groups at http://www.meetup.com/pro/theexpatsclub

Maas Bar & Kitchen

maasstraat 18 1078 HK · Amsterdam

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This is a group for expats and internationally minded singles in the city. Please come and join us to rapidly build your social network and meet other like minded people in the city while doing fun things. Our events are always hosted, small groups of no more than 20 to 30 people and you are welcomed to them. You are also introduced to other members and so you are never alone. Please join us to make new friends!