Vorige Meetups

Wat we doen

Expected in September: The Second Supper.

After a successful First Supper in April, we are moving towards a Second Supper in September.

Meet other ambitious expats and Dutchies at the Nieuwe Poort, house for inspiration and reflection. We will engage in reflective conversation, while enjoying 'food for the body' and 'food for thought' with people from many different backgrounds.

Come by for a pay-what-you-wish dinner and join us in a good conversation with other ambitious expats. After a plenary session, hosted by Nieuwe Poort initiator Ruben van Zwieten , we will split up in small groups of 12 people to enjoy our dinner and continue the conversation. To make the most of the conversations, each table will have a moderator. After dinner, the bar will be opened for a larger exchange of ideas and, obviously, business cards. In a world in which we have to perform every day, we also have a need for reflection, contemplation and meetings that inspire us to bring out the best in ourselves. De Nieuwe Poort is a place for inspiration and reflection, live music and inspiring encounters.

Can't wait? In the meantime you can join us during our music programs. In the summer we have planned several evenings with Jazz at the Southazz. A pleasant evening for you and your friends. Swinging jazz on our stage or outside with beautiful weather.