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Wat we doen

Recently we have discovered the FarmBot:


An CNC Robot that helps you to automate farming in your garden. I feel this is an awesome development and the guys at FarmBot made their FarmBot and all the information available and Open Source.

We are to building a Dutch Farmbot initiative, with FarmBot communities in every city to build and further develop this open source robot.

We started building community-funded WeFarmBot kit in The Hague and we have agreed a distribution agreement with the Chinese company WeFarmbot (www.wefarmbot.co (http://www.wefarmbot.com)m) . This makes it possible for us to distribute a FarmBot kit The Netherlands for a much lower price than the kit from the community in California (www.farmbot.io (http://www.farmbot.io/)).

We are starting on an adventure, not really sure where it will lead to. We believe that with the power of crowd-funding and knowledge of the community we will able to change the way people in The Netherlands grow and experience food. and that every household in The Netherlands will have a FarmBot in their garden to grow their own, chemical-free and low CO2 vegetables.

Now we have our own website: http://www.wefarmbot.nl , this website we will use to share our experiences and we will use it to distribute FarmBots via the webshop.

If you want to build a FarmBot or a FarmBot community in your city, contact organizer: Sietse Vis to help you to set things up.