Sake Meetup #3- More food! More sake!

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Hello Sake Fans,

It is now time for our 3rd Sake Meetup! We are gaining in attendance, improving our format (although still some hiccups) and having a great time. 10 sakes presented so far and we hope to keep expanding in varieties and speciality products. I've gotten a bit of feedback from the last meetup and we are taking suggestions on board for the next one.

For the 3rd Meetup we are keeping the same concept as before, Sake with Food pairing. We have 5 new sakes to try with 5 paired Japanese dishes with a twist, made by the amazing chef's at Ku West. Again the overall theme is to have a nice evening with delicious sake and equally delicious food. It is an informal setting for easy conversations and enjoying the company.

For those who haven't been to a our previous events, we serve a nice glass of sake with each dish (around 100mL), enough to really enjoy and taste a few times before and after you've eaten. The dishes are tasting size and fancy and delicious. To keep it simple we will only have one menu option this time, €30 for food and sake. This is a really great deal considering the quality of sake and food.

We will have other Meetups later in the year with sake only if this is requested by enough people. If you have any suggestions of places, themes, formats, please get in touch!

Look forward to seeing you again, or meeting you for this first time.