Future Meetup: Sake Tasting with Private Dinner

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Prijs: € 75,00
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Wat we doen

This Meetup will take place at a later date (To be determined). First 20 people who register will get information on the future date and time of the event.

The concept is a private meal cooked by an ex-Okura chef in a private location. We will match the meal with a great selection of sakes as usual. There will be nice portions of sake and 5 small dishes. The menu will be:

Salmon Marinade Scandinavian style with toasted Bread
Mediterranean Seafood Risotto
Silver cod fish with Saikyo miso and vegetable tempura
Grilled chicken with cream sauce and seasoned hot vegetables
Wagyu beef steaks with wasabi sauce and green warm vegetable

The sakes we will drink with these delicious dishes will be:

Hakkaisan Sparkling Nigori
Shindo Uragasanryu Koka
Tabata Shuzo Rashomon Ryuju
Shindoshuzoten Ura Gasanryu Fuka Junmai
Honda Shouten Tatsuriki Daiginjo
Maruhiko Shuzo Mie No Kanbai Gensui Daiginjo

Some of these are very exclusive bottles which are not easy to find in Europe, it will be a treat!

The pricing of this event is €75 per person all included to cover the costs of the food, cook, sake and the space. This will be a unique event in Amsterdam.

We will fix a date later in the year, the first 20 people to register interest in the event will get further information when we have the information.