Sake Tasting at Hokkai Kitchen

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Hokkai Kitchen

Egmondstraat 2 · IJmuiden

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35min drive from Amsterdam on A9 (exit Ijmuiden). Or 1h bus journey taking the 382 from Sloterdijk. Check the best route out on Google Maps

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Wat we doen

We will be at the Hokkai Kitchen Open day in Ijmuiden with a selection of Sakes to taste. The event is hosted by Hokkai Kitchen, an importer of authentic Japanese products including fresh fish which they turn into delicious food products which you can eat at their restaurant. Entrance is free! On the day they cut up an enormous tuna as well as other sashimi products (check out their facebook page). They will also have other Japanese products to eat and drink as well as some entertainment. It is a great day out and an excellent way to consume top notch fish with Japanese ingredients. For Meetup Members we will have a special deal for a bottle of sake and some sashimi (price TBD) to take home. We will not have time to explain the sakes in detail as we usually do but you can taste as many as you would like. On the day there will be the following sakes to taste for everyone:

Gazanryu 'Gokugetsu' FJDG
Hakkaisan Junmai Ginjo
Kozaemon Junmai Ginjo Dewasansan Jikagumi
Shindoshuzoten Ura Gazanryu Fuka Junmai
Isojiman Omachi Tokubetsu Junmai
Kozaemon Junmai Banshu Yamadanishiki 6Wari-5Bu
Shindoshuzoten Betsuatsurae Gasanryu Usunigori
Shindo Ura Gasanryu Koka
Nakajima Jozo Shiroku Yuzushu
Denshin Yuki Junmai Ginjo
Garyubai Junmai Ginjo Gohyakumangoku

Look forward to see you there!