We're Back!! Outdoor Sake at Tokyo Ramen Iki Amstelveen


 € 35,00

Tokyo Ramen IKI

Stadsplein 18 · Amstelveen

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This can be easily reached by Tram 5. You can also have a lovely 35min cycle from the center of Amsterdam and visit the neighboring town!

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Wat we doen

Hello Sake Superstars!

Many apologies for the very long break since the last Sake Meetup! We are still in love with sake, and would still like to share it with all of you.

We have found a new venue for our next sake meetup. Tokyo Ramen Iki in Amstelveen. The big bonus of this location is a large outdoor terrace which should make for a lovely afternoon of sake enjoyment with delicious Japanese dishes. We will keep the same formula as before, €35 for 6 generous glasses from 6 different types of sake and 5 small tasting dishes of the restaurant's food. We will explain each bottle with a bit of background in what makes it special.

This time we will indulge in the sake from Ippongi Brewery in Katsuyama City. This is a high quality brewery which uses the Nambu brewing methods. We will taste a range of sakes to discover the spirit of this brewery and how they create delicious sakes. The bottles we will be trying are:

1) Denshin Yuki- Snow
2) Denshin Ine- Rice Field
3) Denshin Tsuchi- Earth
4) Denshin Haru- Spring
5) Ginkoubai
6) Ginkoubai Hannya Tou

We have decided to host it on a Saturday so that we can start earlier and people can enjoy the sake knowing that they don't have to be in the office early the next day.

Check back shortly for the full menu. Looking forward to seeing some sake friends again and some new faces.