Second Meetup at Ku West, Sake with Yakitori

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Wat we doen

What did we learn from the first Sake meetup?
1) People prefer to be outside when the sun is shining :)
2) People like to have the Sake meetup after work
3) It is a lot of a fun and a great way to meet people

What did we taste?
1) Akishika- Junmai Ginjo from Osaka
2) Kirei 80- Sake from Hiroshima
2) Hakugyokuko- Unpasteurised Junmai from Chiba
3) Mutemuka- Organic unpasteurised Junmai from Kochi
4) Kizan- Junmai Ginjo from Nagano
5) Plum Sake
6) Yuzu Sake

So with that in mind we have changed the location and time of the second Sake meetup. Sake meetup 2 will take place at Ku West, the sister of Ku. They have an outdoor table if the weather is nice. We will also have the meetup from 18:30, with the tasting starting at 19:00, I hope everyone can make it. Our fabulous host Hiro will be there again.

The few people that came to the first meetup were happy with the format and so we will keep the this consistent for the second meetup. We will bring some new sakes, and do some pairing with the speciality of Ku West, Kushiyaki! We will keep the options the same than the first meeting, a food pairing menu with a fixed price (TBD) as well as sake only tasting if you aren't hungry (price TBD). If you just want to come and chat that is also fine.

As this is still a new Meetup, we need as much feedback to make it the most interesting to the most people, so please come along so we can get to know each other and get to know what is the best Meetup for you. Looking forward to August 15th!