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Tiny Tasting Session: Krak Chocolade
* Change in date! - This session takes place on Monday 15th of October! For this Tiny Tasting Session we'll be tasting Krak Chocolade! Each bars is made with beans from different origins and, except for one, only has two ingredients. In my opinion Mark Schimmel (what's in a name) is one of the best chocolatemakers you can find in The Netherlands. Who has found a magic formula for his incredible chocolate. You should actually taste it yourselves ;) p.s. we'll ask for a small fee, just to cover costs. See you next week! Ray

The Chocolate Shop

Limoenhof 1, 2564KV · Den Haag

€ 5,00

Wat we doen

Love chocolate? Really love chocolate? Or loving real chocolate? This is a group for anyone interested in selected bean-to-bar chocolate. Trying, tasting and learning about the fine craft chocolate from all over the world. Let's explore and discuss what makes chocolate so good for your mind, body and soul!

Ga met ons mee in onze ontdekkingstocht naar (het verhaal achter) eerlijke, echte traceerbare bean-to-bar chocolade. Dit doen we door kennis te delen, te vergelijken en vooral veel te proeven!