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This is a meetup for all developers who enjoy creating games or apps in Unity3D and want to exchange projects and knowledge. Ideally this would be the place to learn new things from each other through talks, demo's and workshops.

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Unity Ghent Meetup

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The first ever Unity Gent meetup. Three amazing speakers that share their experience with app and game development in Unity. 19h00: Welcome 19h30: Brecht Lecluyse (@brechtos) - Brecht has been actively engaged with game development since 2004, working on both passion projects as well as commercial titles. Starting out with Half-Life 2 mods and finally ending up as one of the co-founders at Glowfish Interactive. His most recent projects are Space Pirate Trainer for PSVR and the currently still in development “Trifox”. 20h15: Wim Wouters - Wim is the co-founder at Poppins & Wayne and has over 15 years experience in designing, developing and producing innovative games and multimedia projects. Currently he is helping the Port of Antwerp to develop a vision on their future. 21h00: Wim Vandamme - Wim is the Co-Founder and CTO of The Goosebumps Factor, where he works on Thruster, a platform that brings interactive AR and VR experiences to multiple large or complex displays, like projection CAVEs, Domes or even a multi-screen cinema lobbies or festival areas. 21h45: drinks!