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PHP Meetup Hands-on on Saturday Elasticsearch Continued
Notice! Bring Your Own Device meeting! This time, we are in a company not in Launchcafe. It is on the other side of the street. Hereplein 4. Continue your work from the first ElasticSearch HandsOn dd 4 october, see https://www.meetup.com/GroningenPHP/events/fgjkvlyxnbgb/ ElasticSearch provides a very powerfull search engine and a simple php client, but the documentation on practical use in php is limited. This hands-on provides skeleton and instructions for building such a page yourself. Speaker Henk Verhoeven is an independend PHP developer. He recently developed the ElasticSearch related components for a comparision site in the social domain. What Time? 13:30 - Hands-on ?????: Share your ideas for future presentations, events and activities, also, socialize, drink beer and have fun :) Preparation See https://github.com/PHPGroningen/cool_dine

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Hereplein 4 · Groningen

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GroningenPHP is a PHP user group located in Groningen where PHP developers – new and experienced – meet, share knowledge and have fun hosted every first thursday of the month at Launch Café in the heart of Groningen. It’s free and it’s fun so be sure to pop by!