PHP Meetup November/Testing Workshop Game by Michelangelo van Dam

Wat we doen

What Time
This evening is voor beginners and experienced developers....

18:30 - Welcome drinks and Pizzaas


21:00 -?????: Share your ideas for future presentations, events and activities, also, socialise, drink beer and have fun :)


By Michelangelo van Dam

We know you have been developing web applications for years and you're pretty good at. But on some occasions you get a support ticket that boggles your mind and you wonder after you solved the issue how it was possible you missed that glitch. Are there ways to ensure that these kind of situations are being prevented before code ends up in production?

Yes there are! It's called testing, profiling and analysing. Most developers are already familiar with unit testing and some degree of automated acceptance and performance testing. There are many more forms of testing that can be applied on a software project that will turn your web application inside and out, put it on a virtual grill to see where it breaks, how it breaks and how it recovers from these failures.

I want to challenge you in this workshop to discover new ways of testing a web application where you will be analysing static reports on the codebase, compare performance and profiling statistics and execute automated tests that will detect security, privacy and functional errors. You will work in groups of people with different backgrounds and experiences solving challenging quests until one group has completed their score card or time has run out. We will review all quests and their answers so you can learn about the things you know, the things you know you don't know and even touch the things you don't know you don't know. A blast for everyone and a wonderful exposure to why quality is essential for any project to ensure your web application stays robust under the most harsh exposures of the internet.


Bring a laptop with PHP 7.2 and these extensions:

• ext/xdebug
• ext/openssl
• These tools installed
• phpunit/phpunit
• phpunit/phpunit-selenium
• phpunit/php-code-coverage
• phploc/phploc
• phpmd/phpmd
• pdepend/pdepend
• sebastian/phpcpd
• squizlabs/php_codesniffer
• fzaninotto/faker
• sensiolabs/security-checker
• sensiolabs-de/deprecation-detector
• sensiolabs/security-advisories
• roave/security-advisories
• psecio/parse
• spatie/url-signer
• csharpru/vault-php
• Browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer)
• curl (or a command line HTTP client to execute URI calls)
• netcat or nc
• Java runtime (for running JMeter, Zed Attack Proxy/Burp, …)