Wat we doen

Growth Hacking Masterminds are unique. You get to talk about yourself and your growth challenges.

In a Mastermind session everyone has 20 minutes to share their goals and challenges around Growth. We create groups of 8 with people best suited for each other.

We started running these mastermind group sessions because it would benefit everyone in the group. Every session, we had the minds of 8 focusing on cranking ideas and throwing tools at our growth problems.

There have been many many sessions in Amsterdam, Berlin and Budapest. Attendees were awed with ideas, tools and connections they gained to help on their project and startups grow.

We don’t want just a selected few to benefit these thought changing experience, so we’re open the doors to the public.

During the mastermind session, we’re breaking the lot in groups of 8. Every individual has 15 minutes to share their goals and challenges. The rest of the group will help you solve them.

If you are a startup founder, growth hacker or highly skilled specialist, we are looking for you.

Every time we'll find a cool location for these sessions. Past locations have been at Hackers & Founders (http://hackersandfounders.nl/), WeWork (https://www.wework.com/buildings/weteringschans--amsterdam), Revinate (https://www.revinate.com/contact/), Mollie (https://www.mollie.com/en/), Amstel.Works (http://amstel.works/) and inSided (http://insided.com/).

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