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About 20% of the population is said to be a HSP. Having highly sensitive antennas, feeling unspoken things, processing daily events so intensive; in our overstressed society these qualities can sometimes feel like a burden. Our group advocates a different viewpoint. Let's see HSP as a talent. Let's enjoy High Sensitivity. Let's discover the benefits it can give to ourselves and to the people around us. For this it's necessary to come together with other HSP's. To feel how great High Sensitivity is when you're in the right environment. An environment where you can let your guards down for a moment. To feel that we're not alone with this talent. To share how we deal with daily situations. One of the most often heard comments of meetup members is how much they enjoy the meaningful conversations.

We organise a social meetup once every month.

Next to that we organise special workshops dedicated to diverse topics. For example a workshop on grounding yourself. Do you have an idea for a workshop or a pressing need? Let us know and we'll organise an event!

Join the conversation on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HSPAmsterdam/


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