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Hackers & Founders (Amsterdam, NL) Meetup

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Cafe De Doffer

Runstraat 12-14 · Amsterdam

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We are in the private bar on the right. Please enter from the street door - not via the main bar.

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Wat we doen

Edtech focus this month.

Peter Hofstede the CPO from Squla (https://www.squla.nl/). Fun stuff you can do with socket servers besides building the largest multi-player game for 4 year olds.

Squla offers a gamified educational platform for primary school children age 4-11. Having years of experience running multiplayer games over a third-party commercial server, they recently decided to ditch it and develop our own proprietary socket server that could support a new types of gameplay. In this talk they will share their experience in this process, with an emphasis on the possibilities this technologies has opened up for the overall user experience in the app.

Tobias de Graaf and Thom Rietberg from hoy (https://hoyapp.nl) (a communication platform between schools and parents), share their ideas about bootstrapping a startup in the Dutch educational sector. They’ll give you insight in why schools are the toughest leads but best customers, why they hired a CHO (and what that even means) and how you get schools to co-invest in a still non-existent product.

As it the start of the winter beer season the Doffer have put on a craft bock beer for us. Its the many times competition winner Zeeburg Dubbelbock (http://brouwerijzeeburg.nl/onzebieren.htm) (8.2% so be careful!). Also on draft is the Strandgaper blond (6.2%) from Schelde Browerij.

Doors open at 7pm & drinks until the first speaker at approx 7.30pm. If you arrive during the talk please enter through the street door at the front of the bar and not via the side door from the main bar.

Several years ago we started a Slack for the Hackers & Founders co-working building on the Herengracht. We are now opening up the Slack to the whole of the Hackers & Founders community.

If you want to join the Hackers & Founders conversations in Slack (#jobs etc) you can sign up here (http://rebrand.ly/HF_AMS) immediately.