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As a creative tribe we inspire and scale cultural and organisational change within large organisations through creative concept development, rebellious creativity and communication re-design. We seek connections with professionals and freelancers that are willing to take risks, step out of their comfortzone and want to connect with other crazy professionals and talented bright minds in the creative communication & change management industry. We organise out of your comfort mind-blowing workshops and we call them our Friday Lab sessions. We are all about making the impossible possible and have a lot of fun along the way. Heartcore-Lab is a growing network tribe with a wide variety of connected souls. Let's meetup!

We not only focus on change and doing great stuff within organisations, but we also focus on individuals and teams because it's all about people first and how to thrive in life.

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Coffee & Walking Contemplation Amsterdam

Hummingbird Amsterdam B.V.

Starting at Hummingbird Amsterdam at the Spuistraat 217 just a one of a kind city walk contemplation (slowly) with a badass coffee in our hand (you'll buy that yourself:)) Stepping into total serendipity of a growing Heartcore-Tribe. If you would like to attend you only need to bring your good mood, an open mind and a need for good specialty coffee. Let's walk from coffee to coffee and go with the flow for around 1,5 hour. Agavni Jessaijan, owner of Heartcore-Lab and founder of Hummingbird Amsterdam will guide everyone into this contemplative state of walking. Talking allowed:) Dutch or English, everyone is welcome!

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Open FridayLab

Heartcore-Lab B.V.

€ 50,00