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Welcome to the 1st Amsterdam designers & creatives meet-up. Have you read the book "The Accidental Creative"? Well, we did it. It's a great book for the people who are working in the creative field. For example, graphic designs, 3D modeling, web design, product design, article writing etc. Also, we agree with what the main argument of the book that people need to get a regular idea partner or mentors so that they can get inspired and share ideas.

Therefore, we would like to organize a meet-up which focus on the people who are designers, writers, makers, creatives, who always want to make ideas and things happen in their lives.

Who are we? My name is Charlie Hu, I am the co-founder of Triple 3D, a 3D printing designer community startup. My co-organizers are people from all kinds of creative fields in Amsterdam. We would like to organize this regular meet-up in a monthly basis (maybe even weekly) so that people can exchange ideas and stories about their creative side of thinking.

Triple 3D is a global 3D printing design online community which aims to connect all kinds of talented designers & creatives who want to make their design ideas happen through the new technology of 3D printing.

We are an international startup team, mostly from Greater China, who have the passion to bring designers from China and Europe into one place and let those talented designers get inspired by others, learn new skills of 3D modelling, 3D printing prototype and sell their design products to customers from all over the world.

Our website : triple3d.net (http://bit.ly/1yI4mKT)

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Charlie Hu