Wat we doen

This is the AMS meetup group for the Centre for Humane Technology (HumaneTech!)


"Reversing the digital attention crisis and realigning technology with humanity's bests interests"

This group and meetup is for everyone who also shares the vision above and for who proactively wants to make a difference. I organised this meetup with the hopes of finding some local like-minded people and scheduling some events. Main goal would be to share insights & research / discuss/ define urgents problems and preferably create meaningful solutions via rapid prototyping. So for all of us to make a difference and reverse the increasing negative effects (social, emotional, organisational, psychological, physical, etc.) of emerging technologies it would be great to team up. Sooo don't be shy, join, sign up, share your ideas, bring your mates, meet interesting people and let's rock this sh*t together! Who's in!?

First goal: organising our first meetup & drinks!

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