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A Meetup Group by Engineers for Engineers

Interested in IP Networking? Come and Discuss/Learn/Innovate. This is group to get together individuals and entrepreneurs interested in any of the aspects around IP NETWORK INNOVATIONS. All are welcome as we discuss real world examples.

Engineers who are interested in driving Network Innovations

Topics we like to discuss: Automation, Network Virtualization, Software Defined Networking, Media & Broadcast Streams, Interoperability, Containerization, Configuration Management, Edge Computing and Open Source technologies.

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Programmable (P4), Open and Disaggregated Telco Networks

Agenda: 18.00 Open 18.30 Pizza’s 19.00 KPN's Vision on a Fully Programmable, Open Disaggregated Telco Network by Michel Geensen 19.45 P4 Programable network (P4) - Use case by Wouter Miltenburg 20.30 Drinks 21.00 End Topic KPN's Vision: In 2018 KPN has created a vision on a fully Programmable, Open, and Disaggregated Telco Network and has shared this vision at various summits & congresses. This talk will revisit that vision and share some examples of related technology and non-technology developments which have taken place and seem to confirm the direction of this vision. Bio Michel: Michel Geensen has 20+ years of experience in Telco IP Networks. At the moment he is working as a Principal Architect at KPN's Technology Office. A part of his current job is looking into possible interesting game changers for KPN like: OCP, ONF, P4, Stratum, White box, CORD & Edge Computing. Topic P4 Use Case: Sharing insights, experiences, thoughts and ideas about building programmable networks with P4. An enthusiastic group of KPN employees, who are truly interested in the concept of programmable networks, built several POCs to demonstrate the power of programmable networks. During this talk one of the team members that developed the P4 code will share his thoughts and experiences with building programmable networks (POC). Bio Wouter: Wouter is as passionate IT architect with an interest in new and emerging technologies. He joined KPN in 2015 and was responsible for the IT vision, architecture and roadmap within the Fixed Access Development domain. During his time at the Fixed Access domain he introduced the concepts of a decoupled and scalable IT architecture that accelerated the automation of network management and operations of current and new network technologies. During his free time, and as a side project besides his day-to-day work, he created a P4 POC to demonstrate the power of programmable networks. Currently, he is responsible for the IT vision and architecture for most of KPN’s network management systems in the fulfilment domain.

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