Wat we doen

This meeting point provides a venue for receiving the the Healing, Teachings, and Ancient Inka Wisdom that the Inka Medicine Man and Shaman Kuichy (translating to Rainbow in the Inka Quechua language) and his son, Chrystal Shaman Luciano, shall be making available to us in the Netherlands. Kuichy and Luciano shall be journeying from their ancestral home in Cusco, Peru to be actively engaged in providing workshops and performing healings from 24 June until 2 July 2017.
See: http://kuichy-in-nl.com .
Kuichy. And they are guides to the Inka lands of the Incas including Cusco, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu and more.
This is an opportunity for people who are traveling on their own spiritual journey and wish to embrace the universality and depth of the life journey; to Be, to Become, and to Live.
May we all be blessed with the gifts of the Creator and embraced by the Love of Pachamama (Earth Mother).