Wat we doen

We are meeting with people who would like to be changemakers for their own life and others by being themselves and acknowledging who their truely are. People who want to get to know, want to know more, experience more, learn more, use more of what Access Consciousness has to offer for that. As a group we generate and support each other. How can the tools and treatments contribute to our personal and professional life? How does it work? And how did it not work?

The meetups are guided by one or two facilitators and the questions of the participants create and generate the event. Sometimes we might dedicate it to a special subject. It is a live creation in progress. Let's go beyond thinking and enjoy the greatness of everyone. What energy, space and consciousness can we be, to generate the life that we whish for. Applied magic in a group of dedicated people to be more for themselves and the world. Lets support each other in generating more of who we really are.