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Improving Dutch Conversational Skills (A2+)
Learning Dutch but you want to improve your skills for daily life conversations? And do you want to get more confident talking in Dutch? Get your nose out of the books and start watching movies, listen to songs and TALK! The classes are 15 euro p.p. This is what we do: - in every session we discuss either a specific topic or a Dutch movie that you've watched at home (I announce this movie when you've registered) - we conduct different speaking exercises to practise your conversation skills - we socialise in een informal setting (with drinks and snacks) - you can ask me any question (about grammar, pronunciation, the Dutch culture, you name it) - we're having fun This is what you get: - you improve everyday speech - you learn a lot of new words and phrases - you meet new, like-minded people - you gain more confidence - drinks and snacks There are only limited spaces (7) so if you want to come then buy your ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/tickets-improving-dutch-conversation-skills-a2-50209344501

Humble home

Govert Bidloostraat · Den Haag

€ 15,00

Wat we doen

Learning Dutch, but you want to improve your daily, real life conversations? Get your nose out of the books and start using additional study materials, such as films, songs, (children's) books and podcasts. Every week we discuss a movie, podcast or something else. By watching movies you learn everyday Dutch a lot faster. And during the classes we do all sorts of speaking exercises which improve your speaking skills and confidence to talk a lot more Dutch outside of a classroom.

The meetings take place in my humble home, they take 2 hours and are 15 euro's including fun and drinks :)


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