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Amsterdam - Europe's hub for Storytelling

Amsterdam has become an inspiring Storytelling hotspot over the last few years. The international scene has grown rapidly and more people are joining every day. If you like live performances and storytelling then this group is for you. We organise storytelling nights in English all over Amsterdam. These nights are very audience friendly, personal and a lot of fun.

You want to meet people and connect? Then this is the place!

Also, this group is for:

- Writers and Performers to connect

- Learning Storytelling and Public Speaking

- Finding Performance Spaces

- Staying up-to-date with Storytelling in Amsterdam

To give you an idea check:
Mezrab: http://www.mezrab.nl

Geplande evenementen (5+)

Comedy Open Mic at the Mez!


Come and join the NEW Open Mic comedy night at the Mezrab. An unpredictable try-out night with new acts making their first minutes and experienced comedians present their brand new ideas. This night is Raw and Pure just like the Mezrab. Great setting, fantastic audience and lots of fun! in English Entrance free/donations



“Of Folk & Fae” – the night for stories that have been passed down through generations; fairy tales, trickster tales, myths and legends told with a modern twist and an added sprinkling of music and food inspired by a theme – every third Wednesday of the month at Mezrab. Doors open at 19.00 Event starts 20.00 Entrance Donation based Mum, dad soup Language: English

The Original Mezrab Storytelling night

Third Friday of the month: The Original Mezrab Storytelling Nigh The original night where anyone gets to claim the stage and anything goes: the true, the mythical, the fabulous, the comedic. Host of the night is Michael Jäger. Your call! Bring ears to listen and/or a mouth to tell. Doors open at 19.00, event starts at 20.00. Mom makes soup. Entrance is free, but donations pay the rent. https://www.facebook.com/culturalcafemezrab/ http://mezrab.nl/



NEW! ‘If you’ve got something to say...’ One of the great things about the Mez are the people you meet and the conversations you have with them. Remember those beautiful, funny, wise, illuminating chats that take place during the breaks and after the show? Anecdotes, explanations, narratives, even a bit of high quality silliness… We believe (we’re sure some of you do too) some of this stuff deserve to be shared. And so we’ve created [alt: we’re creating] a home for your mini-stories and all the in-between bits and pieces that don’t quite know where to go… Host of the night: Chidi Onwuka Doors open at 19.00 Event starts 20.00 Entrance Donation based Mom & Dad soup Language: English

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